Key indicators

The goal of the key indicators is to provide an overview of the status of universal design for a website. The set encompasses in all 20 indicators which cover 16 of the 35 success criteria in WCAG 2.0 as referred to in the Norwegian regulations.

Published: 20. Dec 2017, Last modified: 08. Oct 2018

The key indicators cover

  • the four main principles in WCAG 2.0
  • a variety of user situations, in order to test universal design
  • common types of web content
  • areas of risk identified in earlier status measurements and supervision

Read more about our indicators for universal design of web solutions.

Work in progress

The indicators are all draft documents.

Feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve our work. If you wish to give feedback, please send us an e-mail.

Download the key indicators

Indicator use

We consider these indicators to provide a good basis for status measurements, where we can verify a relatively large volume of web solutions.

The key indicators can become a fixed basis for all measurements. Depending on the focus area and requirements, we can add more requirements and rotate these so that over a longer period of time we can verify all the requirements of the standard. This is important to uncover any potential new areas of risk.

More information (in Norwegian)

See more information about the full set of the web indicators in Norwegian.