Key indicators - a selection of testprocedures for area surveillance

For area surveillance where the goal is to provide an overview of the status of universal design for websites, the Authority has made a selection of 16 of the 35 success criteria in WCAG 2.0, as referred to in the Norwegian regulations.

Published: 20. Dec 2017, Last modified: 31. Jan 2019

Testprocedures and key indicators

The selection of key indicators/testprocedures cover

  • the four main principles in WCAG 2.0
  • a variety of user situations, in order to test universal design
  • common types of web content
  • areas of risk identified in earlier status measurements and supervision

We consider these testprocedures to provide a good basis for status measurements, where we can verify a relatively large volume of web solutions.

Interpretation of WCAG 2.0

See more information about the LENKE Authoritys` interpretation of WCAG 2.0, level A and AA, LENKE with a brief overview of the associated testmethods, the method for selection of web solutions and test pages, and analysis of test data/test results. 

Download testprocedures